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Carlos Tevez has been hitting up the UK Charts lately with his debut single titled "Lemme Out!". Even though the composer is no one but himself, how come even people like us (who used to call ourselves as "footy romantics") still can't believe how Tevez puts his emotions beyond pounds? He is a captain of an EPL team, which proved themselves this year as "one of the big fours" and also the highest paid player in squad getting the maximum wage he can out of his contract.

As a Celtic supporter, Liverpool fan and a guy having a sympathy on Newcastle United, I have no strings attached to Man City or whatsoever except "the man" Noel Gallagher, still CAN understand the feelings of Tevez in his "so called" last days at the city of Manchester.

Dedicaton is the famous word amongst the fans of each club these days. Before the time, there were some players who'd have thought to "give his life" for the crest and the uniform, such as Paul McStay in Hoops, King Kenny in Liverpool and Shearer in Newcastle. Examples can be spreaded more as each club used to have their own cult hero, however I would like to give my own players from my very best teams. These players have started to extinct these days, and the examples such as Del Piero, Totti, Gattuso in Italy and Gerrard, Carragher, Giggs, Scholes and Terry in England have become each one's proudest hero, many time leading the team spirit beyond the trophies.

Before going in the reasons and possible scenarios of himself as Tevez, just for a second think about as a City fan, and tell me who have been recently your greatest cult hero, during the days while each other team has it's own. After a long long time, City have found a guy who truly dedicates himself on and off the pitch for Man City and even kisses the crest after scoring a beatiful volley from 20 yards out. Now this guy is about to quit and the bosses of city (I believe) has nightmares about filling his space after his gone... Is it truly about Mancini and his tactical plays? I don't think so, considering the amount of goals he has put in the net during his services under the Mancini management.

This time, to understand the situation, we should put ourselves in Carlos' shoes and act that way. You are a young and very talented Argentinian, probably from a poor family around the suburs of an Argentinian city, trying to breakout his name in Brazil after having a successful spell in one of the biggest clubs in Buenos Aires.the location of the country, plus the cultural style of living have adopted you to become what you are right now. Then the fame calls you for English football, first harder than you'd have thought, but manage to put his name with lately a low level club of North London. After a good spell at West Ham, you got to work with one of the thoughest managers, Sir Alex, still putting your name up front with the likes of Berbatov and Wayne Rooney.

Then comes the big deal, as the main rivals Man City has been bought by some rich guys who would like to turn the city as the Manchester's main team. During the transfer window, the names like Torres, E'too, Ibrahimovic have been rumoured. Then they get to buy Tevez, by welcoming him with the banners saying "Welcome to Manchester". Everything was perfect for Tevez, like riding a unicorn under a rainbow through the land made up of chocolate.

However, if you think some examples of South American players, you can see that they tend to just play football to enjoy themselves and the ones in the stadium. Players like Ronaldo, Adriano and Robinho have returned back to Brazil after some remarkable years in Europe. Some might say that South-Americans have different type of weather down there and have problem with adapting the English weather somehow. I think this idea is not applicable of weather, as he might have left earlier if it was this reason, also he should have performed a lot non-satisfying games with much less dedication as he has shown the opposite so far.

What about the competition? Well, this year as Bellamy has left for childhood heroes Cardiff, Santa Cruz is not even an option, only Adebayor seems as the one that can take him on. What about Jo? Come on, this guy couldn't even done well at either Everton or Turkish Giants Galatasaray when he was on loan. So, Tevez knows that he is the best (and probably only) option as a striker and he knows that he will play in first XI as long he is fit. What about the football being played in EPL? Well, he is fast (check), energetic (check), strong (check) and has an ability to score from everywhere (check). Mentioning that he is strong, he has proven himself by making the club doctors even forgetting his name. Therefore the football style is not an option for his transfer request as well.
Then comes the drama. Tevez has admitted that the main reason for leaving, which he “doesn’t get on well with someone in the club office”. Every eye has turned on to Mancini after his words, however it’s been soon revealed that “someone” is in the club Management. It’s been also told that this guy is Man City’s chief executive, Garry Cook. Cook has been in trouble with Player’s Advisor Kia Joorabchian, exchanging words in every possible ground. Kia last said that “Cook thinks he is bigger than Tevez”, but behind these words of him, we understood that Cook never gets into any kind of conversation with Tevez or any player with usual daily-life related problems. Tevez is lack of English, living in a city that quite 50% hates you and got no one to share his problems to get relieved. Then as he comes up and declares he will be “either leaving or retiring”, with leaving no door open for City and everybody is suddenly on him, persisting him to stay. “It will be another topic to explain who Kia Joorabchian is, however you can just google him and understand what he is up to with either Tevez or Garry Cook.”

However, the situation also has similarities with the Rooney deal which had happened on the other side of the town, with everyone (even the die heart Rooney fan) expected him to leave the club. What happened then? He stayed, he got his wage up. Meantime on that side Sir Alex is more convincing than Mancini, but as we have previously said, money speakes.

There is no other club that can offer Tevez more than he got paid in City, and also there is a minor chance that he can increase his wage in City with a new contract, so he has requested the transfer may be for a new contract with City, making him earn more than £280,000 he is getting now. I really don’t want to believe this scenario however last indication of Wayne Rooney proved this way.
If a player like Tevez has said that the situation is “broken and beyond repair”, that could mean that even money is not an option to fix whatever is broken. We could see him getting back to either Argentina or Brazil, or may be he will try his chance in Spain whatsoever.

And, I think these will be the last games of Tevez (if he plays) under the sky-blues, so enjoy it while you can… However, Oasis legend Noel Gallagher still believes that he will stay… He should dedicate him the song “Don’t Look Back in Anger” after he’s gone…

Deniz "McDennis" Kalibcioglu / 15.12.2010

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Adsız dedi ki...

türkçe özeti? 3 cümle kafi :)

McDennis dedi ki...

bu kadar yaziya 3 kelime ozet zor aslinda.. kisacasi tevez'in durumu Rooney olayindan farkli ve para onun umurunda degil. artik gitmek istiyor.
eger bikac ac daha oynayacaksa, bunun zevkini cikarmaliyiz, belki de ara tranferde ya guney amerika'ya doner, ya da ispanya, italya ligine falan gider..

R-J dedi ki...

It is complicated his situation. We will see what will be his future? City? Madrid? we will see
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